Matrix: How do I locate the Matrix Dongle ID (Hardware ID) number on a Eclipse frame?

Question:  I need to send the factory my Eclipse frame dongle ID in order to get a passcode to enable E-QUE wireless card functionality.  How do I find the dongle ID on my frame?  Do I need a special program or can this be done via ECS software?
Answer:  Using the ECS diagnostic screen in Ethernet mode (or serial mode) will allow the user to gain access to the frame dongle ID.  Follow these steps to access the dongle ID information:
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1.  In ECS go to the diagnostics menu and select "Event Log"
2. In the Event Log screen activate the round blue "Play" button (top left corner of the screen)
3.  Select the "Request Info" button to the right of the round Play button
4.  This will open up a new dialog screen (Request Matrix Information)
5.  Highlight the first menu option titled "Matrix Overview" and click on the Send button at the bottom of the screen
6.  The event log screen will now start logging information from the frame.  Look for a line item about 5 or 6 lines down titled HARDWARE ID, there should be a 3 or 4 digit number immediately after, this is the dongle ID number. 
7.  If you are not sure simply allow the log download to complete, the message ===report card end=== to display, then export the log and save it to your PCs desktop and email this file to the factory, it contains the dongle ID and the factory can generate the passcode from this exported file.
Sample Matrix log report below with dongle ID number circled:

Note: 1) If using ECS V5.2.2 or later pressing the ENG button on the front of the CPU card (Omega / Median frame). The LED dot matrix display on the CPU card will start to scroll system information 

  • Firmware version

  • IP address

  • System number 

  • System ID (= Dongle ID)

2) For Eclipse Pico matrices using the user LCD menu select System > INFO and the dongle ID (Hardware ID) will be shown along with the matrix firmware version and IP address

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Microsoft Word Document Eclipse matrix passcode request draft.docx Eclipse matrix passcode request draft.docx

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