CALL signal on a FSII Base II doesn't show on a muted LISTEN Key Set

On an FSII Base II, when muting a LISTEN on a channel, it no longer receives the CALL displayed on the OLED


When an FSII Base II has a TALK and LISTEN on a key set, and when that key set’s LISTEN is muted or not selected, an incoming CALL on that key set’s OLED display will not show the CALL as it would if the key set’s LISTEN knob were not muted. (Figure 1)   It only shows the CALL when not muted.

The workaround:   Simply make that key set’s activation as a T & FL (Talks and a Forced Listen). Then you CAN see the CALL (figure 2) and to mute, just turn the volume knob full counter-clockwise to attenuate the incoming audio on that channel, as you would on a BP with T&FL activation. 

Figure 1    LISTEN key is MUTED / not selected on the FSII Base II, so you don’t see the CALL


Figure2    With a T & FL (TALK and a FORCED LISTEN) Activation you do see the CALL



Figure 3   Selecting the TALK with a FORCED LISTEN