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  1. Loosen the set screw on the back of the Belt Pack (BP)

  2. In early models, the screw is a #1 Phillips Head and in recent ones, a #8 TORX Head

  3. Slide the metal clip 90 degrees to expose the dip switched

  4. With a small screwdriver or a metal pick, slide switched 5, switch 8 and 9 to the down position

  5. Return the metal clip to the normal position and tighten the screw



NOTE: The picture below also has switches 5 & 9 turned to the down, or OFF position. This is for CALL ON TALK for both Channel A and B


(It is a good idea to use tape to mark that this BP is set to RTS mode in cases where it might be mixed with Clear-Com Mode BPs… or if, in a rental environment, it would need to be identified as such)

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