Why is the date nearly 20 years out?

If the Mentor XL time is referenced to GPS and the unit is showing the correct time but the date is showing a date some 20 years earlier this could be due to a defect in the GPS receiver module fitted in the GPS card. If the Mentor XL has an early generation card (360-15-00, 360-15-01 or 360-15-10) the receiver device does not cope with the EPOCH roll-over event which occurred on 6th April 2019. See pdf linked below for further detail.

 https://clearcom.ftpstream.com/download/MpTb1quEL2acmP8xSdYW/Trilogy/MentorXL/GPS failures as a result of the GPS Rollover Event.pdf

The solution is to replace the GPS card with the later 360-15-12 GPS card. The Mentor XL may also require a firmware upgrade if not been done for a while.

If you are unsure contact Trilogy support and email an image of the Mentor XL Status > Information web page. This will show the firmware version running and which GPS card type is installed.

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