Cisco SG350 potential EEE configuration bug causing "pop" noises on FSII beltpacks (unconfirmed)

This bug has the potential to cause ‘pop' noises between two FSII beltpacks. This is due to the Cisco SG350 applying EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) to the ports despite EEE having been disabled Globally. This issue can be resolved by setting ‘Green Ethernet’ parameters to disabled for all ports individually.

Note global EEE mode not taking has also been seen on a Cisco Catalyst 3580


  1. The current version of the AoIP Reccomendations Guide advises to turn off EEE global parameter.

2. Navigate to Port Management → Green Ethernet → Port Settings, select the first port and click ‘Edit…’.

3. Disable (untick) all of the options presented in the pop-up.

4. Select the first port again and click ‘Copy Settings…'.

5. Enter the enitre range of availble ports for the switch and click ‘Apply’.