HCS(Ride control/Industrial system) Network information

Network Protocols:

Ethernet IPv4 – Unicast Audio and Control

mDNS/Bonjour – Multicast Device Discovery

WavPack – Audio Codec

Network Ports:

Port 80 TCP – Web Interface

Port 655 TCP – Database Communication
Port 6000 TCP – System Management
Port 6000 UDP - Audio Streams

Port 6001 TCP – System Management

Port 6001 UDP - Audio Streams
Port 8009 TCP – System Management
Port 5353 UDP – mDNS, Names, Discovery
Optional for pairing by device name

Network Parameters:


300 (max) kbps from each active audio input to HMS

1200 (max) kbps from HMS to each endpoint

QoS tags:

DSCP=46, High Priority / Expedited Forwarding (EF)

Link-Local Default IP address range:

System reserved IP range: for endpoints

Recommended Ethernet Switches:

Managed Ethernet Switch – Layer 3

100/1000Base-T ports for endpoints
1000Base IP Trunks between switches

QoS configuration

Energy Efficient Ethernet bypass
IGMP Snooping bypass

Power over Ethernet - PoE:

IEEE 802.3af-2003 – Class 0
PSE: 15.4 W DC max @ Power Source Requirement
PD: 12.95 W DC max @ Powered Device Draw