How to add a pre-configured frame to another EHX system (project) when working offline?

First, in EHX, open the existing single frame system you wish merge to the ‘master’ system.

From the System > Layout screen, right click on the Matrix and select Configuration > Configuration Manager then select the active configuration and then choose Export in the configuration manager to save the HXC file

Now open the master EHX project you wish to add the new matrix. From the System > Layout screen, right click in a blank area and select the ‘Add Matrix’ option to add the new Matrix to the master EHX project.

Once the new matrix is added, choose the matrix type.

And set the IP address for the new matrix.

To import the new matrix configuration into the master EHX project. Right click on the new matrix and open Configuration > Configuration Manager.

From the Configuration Manager select ‘Import’ and load the HXC file saved earlier to the new matrix.

Finally, highlight the imported configuration and select the ‘Activate Configuration’ button on the right-hand side of the pane to load the HXC configuration file into the new matrix.



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