Using EHX, how do I dial out from a party line?

To dial out from a party line, use the following steps:


  • in EHX, create the PL in the usual way

In EHX cards and ports screen

  • Set up the telephone interface ( either SIP or TEL-14)

  • Check “ Disconnect on Remote hang up only” on the phone port

  • Check “ Line Release” in panel options for the panel(s) that wish to dial

In EHX panel programming screen

  • Place the phone interface on a panel talk key.

In EHX Routes screen

  • Create a bi-directional route ( talk and reverse listen) with the route origin as the phone line and route target as the PL

In EHX Controls screen

  • Attach this route to a control

  • Place the control on panel talk key. (via the panel programming screen0


To operate, do this:

  • Dial out on the phone line in the usual way

  • Activate the route control ( and leave active)

  • The phone line will now be a part of the PL

  • The key used to dial can be disengaged.

  • Hang up by holding the listen key for the phone line, or the remote end hangs up.

  • The control can now be disengaged



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