Can the HCI API route incoming source to IFB destinations

Using the HCI API for the Eclipse HX matrix can i do the following


1) Through the HCI protocol, it will be possible to route a incoming source to a stereo IFB

 Answer: Yes using the HCI protocol you can assign a incoming source to an IFB

The Eclipse-HX HCI provides the facility to route IFB-Callers, IFB-Sources, IFB-Destinations and IFB-Returns. as well as change the IFB label

Using the HCI protocol - 3rd party control / automation systems can adjust any part of the IFB audio chain

You can also use a HCI message to request to route a IFB-Caller which will trigger the IFB


2) Through the HCI protocol, it will be possible to emulate a panel key?

Answer: Yes through the HCI protocol, you can send a message that will emulate a key press on a panel.

You can also reserve special 3rd party keys on the panel. These 3rd parry keys are under full control of the 3rd party control / automation system in terms of labels , LED status, routing and latch state. The matrix hands over control of the key over to the 3rd party control / automation system example a Que-light or video system can use the intercom key as if its part of its normal control surface or one of its own control panel keys



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