Call Management in EHX's Fixed Groups

  • Call management allows you to distribute incoming calls to a specially designated management group.

  • The management group will consist of a number of panels and a 4-wire direct port driving a loudspeaker.

  • Incoming calls can come from any panel port which has a key mapped to the management group, or by some mechanism allowing a 4-wire port to instigate a talk route to the management group.

  • Incoming calls to the management group using the desired mechanism will be routed to the associated loudspeaker.

  • A member of the management group can then answer the call by either pressing a direct access key to the caller or using the Reply key.

  • The response action will cause the audio from the incoming caller to be transferred from the loudspeaker to the responding panel.

  • Any communication between the incoming caller using the ‘management group’ route, and the responding panel will be directed point to point until there has been no communication between the 2 for a set duration.

  • This duration has been referred to as the management (or TEMPO) timer. Once the tempo timer has run down, the call is returned to its default state, where incoming calls to the management group are directed to the loudspeaker, rather than the previous responding panel 

  • All calls to the management group will behave as management calls

–All management panels will always work with management calls

  • Activities that start the counter

–Any cross-point made to/from the group

  • Support for the reply key

–As standard

  • Tally colors

–Will use normal incoming call signals. Flashing green to indicate active relationship, and solid green to show a relationship with another management panel

  • Effect on managed calls when a new call is made outgoing/incoming

–Management panels can only hold 1 relationship at a time. If they press another Talk key when in a relationship, they break their relationship. Otherwise, no effect if an incoming call

  • Panels cannot be members of more than 1 management group

–In addition, no management group should be able to call another

  • 4-wire call generation to the management group

–Internal talk routing

See the attached .pdf document for System Models and diagrams of use cases

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