V-Iris Panels Software Update affects panel performance, i.e. no audio in or out

Solution date May 2020 (V-iris panel firmware v11)

V-Iris panel upgrade can take up to 10 mins: When upgrading a V-Iris panel via EHX download or using a USB memory stick, please allow up to 10 mins for the upgrade to totally complete.

During the upgrade process the panel may reboot several times and not show any indication on its display (display is blank) while the upgrade is still taking place. Only the menu LED will be flashing blue.

Failure to allow the full 10 mins may result in the Panel FPGA upgrade not completing and making the panel inoperable.

  • known issue with wrongly upgraded FPGA - no audio in / out of the panel

Please be patient and allow up to 10 mins for the V-Iris panels software upgrade to totally complete.