How to connect a V-Iris Panel via a pre-configured Static IP for AES67.

Here is a guide explaining the different IP settings available from the menu of a V-Iris Panel as well as the IP settings related to setting it up for AES67 streams.


For AoIP, we will specifically look at setting the IP ADDRESS & AES67 IP on the Panel.


Setup Static IP on Panel

  1. Please make sure to select DISABLED on both DHCP as circled above.

  2. The Panel’s IP ADDRESS & AES67 IP must be set on the same subnet.

    1. For eg: IP Address =; AES67 IP =

A common issue faced would be that only data would pass through without audio if they are set in different IP subnets.

Setup IP Port Options on EHX

  1. A good way recommended would be to type in the IP ADDRESS that is set on the panel. This tells the E-IPA Port the exact V-Iris Panel to ‘look at’ in your network.

    1. Navigate to the Port you set on the E-IPA Card > IP Port Options > Type in IP > Apply Map


Once these settings are in place, please wait for it to establish the AES67 Streams and allow the PTPv2 clock to lock.




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