CC-250/6 Stereo Wiring

The supplier has wired incomming CC-250s two different ways.



If the A4F XLR is wired           Then wire the A6F this way


Pin 1  shield                             Pin 1 (-) Shield

Pin 2  Yellow & Green            Pin 2 (+) Yellow & Green

Pin 3  Orange & Red              Pin 3 (-) Orange

Pin 4 Blue & Brown               Pin 4 (+) Brown

                                                Pin 5 (+) Blue

                                                Pin 6 (-) Red


But if the A4F XLR is wired      Wire the A6F This way


Pin 1 (-) Shield & Green             Pin 1 (-) Shield & Green

Pin 2 (+) Yellow                     Pin 2 (+) Yellow

Pin 3 (-) Orange & Red              Pin 3 (-) Orange

Pin 4 (-) Blue & Brown              Pin 4(+) Brown

                                                     Pin 5 (+) blue                                                                            

                                    Pin 6 (-) Red




Beltpack Circuit



Pin 1 Mic Lo

Pin 2 Mic Hi

Pin 3 CMic Hi (no conn.)

Pin 4 Common Gnd

Pin 5 30 Volt in

Pin 6 Channel "A" intercom Line

Pin 7 Channel "B" intercom Line         

Pin 8 Headphone Common

Pin 9 Channel "A" Headphone Hi

Pin 10 Channel "B" Headphone Hi



RS-623 Bottom Bezel

XJ7-3 pin Female XLR

XP8- 3 pin Male XLR

XP3-6 pin Male XLR





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