Are my scroll group keys causing a stuck crosspoint?

If you have used a scroll-group to assign a key on your panel, latched to talk and then scroll to another member in the scroll-group, the original talk should unlatch.
If this isn't happening, it could be because you have a mirrored key.

If you have a mirrored key, the mirrored key will also be latched when the scroll group key is latched. Then when you scroll away from it, the mirrored key is still visible on the panel (even if it is on another shift page) so the talk is not unlatched.

For example, we have a scroll group called S2-AoIP configured as TFL on the Main Page:

It has 64 members including:

On shift page # 1 , I have configured:

So if I scroll to S2-AoIP01 and latch the talk, the mirrored key on shift page 1 is also activated.
Then if I scroll to another member of the sort group, the mirrored key on shift page 1 remains latched, so the route stays up.

Essentially any mirrored key on a panel will take priority over the same key in a sort group.




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