Are the Soundcomm Bose B40 headsets compatible with Helixnet and FreeSpeak (FSII) beltpacks Bose B40 (intercom version).

The Bose B40 intercom version are compatible with both FSII & HelixNet beltpacks and V-series panels

The Bose B40 units are a big improvement over the B30 which had mic level problems. Bose has in the past had issues with crosstalk in headset cables - bad for digital systems - but we have heard that was addressed in this B40 version.

Note the Bose A20 were tested by another customer and you should be careful with those. Those are aviation headsets and need a special third party adapter from General Aviation connectors (send and receive jacks) to a 4-pin XLR. It was successfully tested on V-Series panels using the special adaptor. They are also available in a 5pin XLR version, but those are wired for Airbus jets are absolutely not compatible with any intercom system.