Matrix: E-DANTE card does not appear on Dante Controller (or stays blinking on the devices list) and there is no audio.

We’re experiencing some issues with an E-Dante card.

1. E-Dante card appear and disappear from Dante Controller as you can see on the video on the link bellow.

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o   There is no audio loss with this behaviour, the board is only “blinking” in the Audinate software.

o   This problem is solved momentarily when the Brooklyn II board on the Clear-Com Dante card is rebooted on Dante Controller;

o   This problem is intermittent. We have noticed this happen sometimes.

2. Board no longer appears on the Dante Controller and there is no audio traffic.

o   We sometimes notice that the Dante board “disappears” from the network. The other devices on the network no longer recognize the Clear-Com card and it stops responding to ping;

o   When this problem occurs there is no audio;

o   The Clear-Com card has the following symptoms:

-There is no error signal on the front of the card

-In the monitoring there is a failure in the networks (Primary / Secondary)

o   The problem is solved momentarily by performing a reset removing E-Dante card from the Eclipse frame and inserting back it again.

o    This problem is intermittent. We have noticed this happen sometimes.

3. Sample Rate signalling does not light up on the board

o   Intermittent problem. The functioning of the card when this symptom happens also varies (sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't).

o   We noticed that it happened sometimes when we need to reset to solve problem 2. In this variation of the problem there was no audio, and the resolution occurred with a second reset.


ClearCom Troubleshooting Questions and Recommendation:

Are you running true primary and secondary networks? Can the networks see each other? What is the redundancy mode set to in Dante Controller? What about for the other Dante devices? We've seen Dante not initialize when Primary/Secondary can see each other, when DHCP is there but not dishing out the right addresses, or when redundancy modes don't match up.   You could try running on the primary network alone for some time as a test to confirm/rule out what is mentioned above.