How do I verify AES67 audio is going out of my Iris panel?

You could use any of these two ways to confirm AES67 audio is going out of your AoIP Iris panel.

Eclipse Matrix Method:

For this example:

  1. We’ll use an Iris panel with Connection Type = AoIP, and we’ll make sure the panel is linked/connected to the IPA card. See below:

  1. Configure an AoIP stream and add it onto the Iris panel.

  1. Force the panel audio to go to itself or to another device. In this example, it was forced to go to itself and a beltpack.


  2. When the AoIP Stream Talk key is latched, the AES67 audio will go to the panel and the beltpack


Wireshark capture and Audacity Method:

You could capture RTP traffic and play it in Audacity to verify the audio. If the RTP traffic is captured at the same time as when listening on the panel (as described on the previous method), the audio played in Audacity should match what was heard on the panel or beltpack.

To learn how to capture the traffic and play it in Audacity, please refer to this solution:

IMPORTANT: Ideally, you would want to capture data in the network switch, but IF not able to make changes to the switch to capture RTP traffic, as described on the solution below, for testing purposes, an unmanaged gig switch could be used. You could plug the IPA card, the Iris panel and wireshark into the unmanaged switch to capture RTP traffic.



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