EHX user rights management operation

User rights are normally used when you have multiple matrices linked together in a facility

  • example , where you may have MCR matrix , Studio 1 matrix , Studio 2 matrix, Studio 3 matrix and a News Matrix etc..

Each technical engineer for each studio will want to access and edit the configurations t any one time without disturbing the other technical engineers in the other studios. However we want to ensure , that no studio engineer breaks the trunks lines interconnecting the matrices when they edit their map

In this instance we would install EHX in a client/ server mode

  • Install the server version of EHX application on to a Server PC

  • install the client version of EHX application on the client PCs



If you only have 2-3 matrices in your network and 1-2 people need access to edit the configurations. We recommend using normal a KVM or Remote PC solution.

This means only one person at a time can edit any of the configurations


EHX has four access levels:

 Access level



Network Admin

Full access


Local Admin

Limited access

Less access than  Admin

The local administrator level provides unrestricted access to all configuration settings on the local system the user is logged in to.

Cannot change trunk limes or edit (add /remote) items that affect trunk lines

Adding cards , changing PL / fixed group entries as they may have to download to other matrices


Limited access

less access than Local admin

Not able to do firmware download or no access monitoring access

Can do confirmation changes


Limited access

Less access than user

Limited to do panel programming and online changes


The basic rules are only one user can edit (write) to a matrix-configuration at any one time


If a Network Admin logs in then they lock out all other users expect Guest user

  • Because Network Admin has full write access to all matrices in the project


If no network admin is logged in then you can have multiple local admins or Users  logged into

They can only log into the matrices they have access to

Guest users can still log in


Therefore you can have

Local admin #1  editing matrix 1 at the same time as user #2 editing matrix #2  at the same time

Once a matrix is being edited all other admin / users that have write access are locked out including the Network Admin user from that specific matrix