How can I add a Telephone (TEL-14 or LQ-SIP) into a partylines

Using EHX v12.2 is it currently not possible to add a telephone (TEL-14 or LQ-SIP) as a member of a PL. The ability to add telephone members to partylines has been removed.

Here is a workaround:

  1. Create a Route from the Telephone to the PL, make it bidirectional (talk and reverse listen).

  2. Create a Control.

  3. Add the Route to the Control.

  4. Test the control on a panel. You should see Diagnostic > Crosspoint Map crosspoints made from the telephone to anyone listening on the partyline.

  5. Make it always trigger by doing Configuration >Logic > New.

Drag on a Latch, and a Control Output (O/P). Connect to the /Q (q-bar, normally closed) to the Control O/P and then add the new control into the O/P control area.

Assign the TEL-14 key per normal to your panel for dialling out