CCM for IP Transceiver, Iris Panel or IPA Won't Allow 172.23.x.x Subnet

First, a quick review on why Clear-Com does not recommend using IP addresses in the 172.23.x.x subnet. This is an excerpt from a solution titled “LQ IP Address 172.23.xx.xx Restricted”

You will find that the LQ (and the HelixNet as an extension) does not allow you to assign IP addresses in the 172.23.xx.xx subnet, more specifically, IP addresses through

This subnet is reserved for linking between different LQ’s and LQ to HelixNet (depending on which one is the Link Master.) The reason for this is to allow the LQ to in effect create a VPN tunnel between the devices, which is especially useful when connected over the internet.

Unfortunately, this limitation made its way into the CCM for other products like the E-IPA card, Iris Panel and IP Transceivers (both 1.9 and 5). Because the CCM will not allow you to use those subnets, you must either use DHCP or follow these directions to work around the CCM limitation.

  1. Add the Transceiver to the same network as the E-IPA card and your PC

  2. In EHX, go to Transceivers and click Auto Detect

  3. After some time (once the TCVR either gets a DHCP address or a link-local address of 169.254.x.x) you will see the transceiver pop up on the screen. Add it to to the project.

  4. Once the TCVR is online, click the gear

  5. From there, you can edit the Admin and AES67 IP addresses. Make your changes, save and apply map to the frame

To save you time, it is highly recommended that you stay away from the 172.23.x.x subnet AND use DHCP.


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