IRIS Panels AES67 dropping out briefly ?

We experienced issues with AES67 Panels dropping out briefly. The panels would appear to reset for about 4 seconds, and then would return to their previous state (any keys set to talk would come back still set to talk).

The panels were fine until part way through the show day. It seemed this issue could affect any of the panels.

The matrix also showed an issue on EHX software, but no error was apparent in the monitor screen detail or from the front of the matrix.



The answers to this issue was a loop back in the network and here is how I found out.

I managed to isolate the issue causing the panels dropping out briefly.


After lots of looking about, I found a 44:a5:6e:a2:9c:f1 Mac Address. I thought this was the Netgear switch but the last letter was different from all my other ports. Continued looking and found it was my STP MAC, thus quickly finding the error.


Seems that I managed to set the network switch and IPA AES67 to the same IP address ( Therefore the network switch changed its IP and MAC address internally to cope with the problem. Then every now and again had a blip and would drop a panel.


If only the switch didn’t do this then I would’ve found out it was a problem during setup… whoops.


I’ve left it soaking over the weekend, and I have yet to see anything in the logs relating to PTP dropping a panel.