Setting up Agent IC and Station IC mobile users

To allow a PC, Mac, Android or iPhone user to connect, a port must be assigned for their use. More ports can be set up as mobile clients than there are Agent IC licenses, but this is only cost-effective when using an E-IPA card which is licensed for less than 64 ports - on an IVC-32 or E-IPA 64 the port will be “wasted” as it will not be available for other uses.

For IVC-32:

Hardware > Cards and Ports > select IVC-32 > select any unused port and change the Port Function to Mobile Client.

For E-IPA:

Hardware > Cards and Ports > select E-IPA > + Port > provide a quantity and label:

Once added. the user ID and password are changed from the properties tab (right) when the port is selected:

The label is the displayed text on other panels when talking to the mobile client.

User ID is the login credential used by the remote client, as is the Password.


For a user to connect, it will be necessary to know the host card’s IP address or hostname. In Cards and Ports right clicking on the IVC-32 will provide Card Properties as an option:


On the E-IPA Card Properties > IVC or Admin and IVC should be selected.


The EHX Server will be the IP Address, External if using port forwarding through a firewall, or IP Address if connected to the same network. For forwarding, the External TCP/UDP Port should be routed to the TCP/UDP Port in both directions, TCP and UDP.


Setting up Agent IC:

The Connection User, EHX Server and EHX port should match the settings in EHX.

Credentials are sent from the CPU card to the IP card on Apply Map changes. There are HCI commands to change the Login IP, User, Password, and IP address of a connected device but there is currently no way to dynamically change credentials without an Apply Map from EHX.


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