Service: What are the new Extended Warranty options in the 2019 price list

Please visit the Clear-Com website for full details and datasheet :

We offer the following Extended warranty options:

Most Products are offered with a 2 year standard warranty, we can then offer up to an additional 4 years extension. This extension can be taken out any time even if the product is currently out of warranty (limitations apply).

FAQ: How are these extended warranties:

  • Ordered : using the normal SVC-XWARR1,2,3 part numbers on the price list
  • Tracked: using company  CRM  & ERP systems (the customer is issued a contract number)
  • How do we calculate the cost to the user ? : the yearly price is 7.5% list price of the individual part. See the descriptions for SVC-XWARR in the price list


Warranty Extension 1 yr.: 
One-year extension of the product’s warranty, except mics, headsets, batteries, CCC items and cables, including free parts and labor (shipping not included), continuous phone and e-mail tech support and software updates while under warranty. Available on new and customer-owned products (limitations apply). Extends the factory warranty to 3 yrs. on new products.

(7.5% of list)


Customer has a matrix with 1x E-IPA card and 20x panels and wants to purchase extended warranty 

Whole coverage - covers the whole system 

Critical coverage - customer selects which key items to cover : E-IPA card and 2 panels (provides s/n). All other items repaired as non warranty 

% coverage: customer selects to cover 4 out of 20 panels. The first 4 panels that fail will be repaired as warranty. The 5th panel will be repaired as non warranty