Does the Eclipse HX the matrix generates a log in an external Syslog, or report information by SNMP


Would it be possible for an external application (SysLog or SNMP)  to monitor the event log messages stored on EHX PC


Currently Eclipse HX does not support Syslog or SNMP native messages. Event log messages are stored on the PC hard drive as plain text. These plain text files could be viewed by 3rd party applications and converted to suitable events

The matrix event log is stored in a database file named EHXDataStore.sdf. To prevent this file from filing all available storage it is scrubbed daily, by default removing all records older than 1 week.

These records are backed up to the user’s AppData folder:

  • In client only mode: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Clearcom\EHX Configuration System\logs