How much bandwidth do IPT and Iris panels in AES67 mode

AND - what Multicast IP port numbers do they use


Bandwidth and stream requirements

  • FSII IPT (1.9GHz) & FS-Edge IPT (5GHz)

    • 1 stream in each direction for each IPT connected to the frame.

    • These streams are using unicast IP addresses. Each stream uses 2x AES67 channels (4x AES67 channels for Edge IPT).

    • Bandwidth requirements is a constant 7 Mbps (FSII IPT) or 9.6 Mbps (FS-Edge IPT) per direction per IPT (using 125μs packet size). It doesn’t matter how many beltpacks are connected to the transceiver.
      You can refer to the table provided by Clear-Com if using 1ms packet sizes.

See IP Transceiver Bandwidth Requirements

See Iris Panel AES67 Bandwidth Requirements

See Basic principles of Clear-Com products use of PTP / AES


  • IRIS panel

    • 1 stream in each direction for each IRIS panel connected to the frame.

    • Using unicast IP address for destination.

    • Bandwidth requirements vary depending on the amount of hosted direct you have on the panel.

      • The main panel audio will take 1 AES67 channel. Each additional hosted directs will add 1 AES67 channel to the stream.

      • No hosted directs: Constant 5 Mbps in both directions

      • 1 hosted direct: Constant 6.5 Mbps in both directions

      • 2 hosted directs: Constant 8 Mbps in both directions

You can refer to the table provided by Clear-Com if running in 1ms packet sizes.

See Iris Panel AES67 Bandwidth Requirements


Since our audio is being mixed at the frame, the bandwidth going to each transceiver and IRIS panels is always constant.


Only multicast group we are using for IRIS and IPT:

PTP: 224.0. 1.129 ports 319, 320

mDNS: port 5353


Way to calculate bandwidth requirements: See our calculator


<nb of IPTs> * 7 Mbps = total IPT bandwidth



<nb of IPTs> * 9.6 Mbps = total IPT bandwidth

See IP Transceiver Bandwidth Requirements

IRIS panels

This is a bit trickier because the bandwidth vary depending on hosted directs usage. But, if you know, from the configuration, how many panels have 0, 1 and 2 hosted directs, you can use the following formula:

<nb IRIS 0 hosted> * 5 Mbsp + <nb IRIS 1 hosted> * 6.5 Mbps + <nb IRIS 2 hosted> * 8 Mbps = total IRIS bandwidth

 See Iris Panel AES67 Bandwidth Requirements





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