Matrix: Use of the CPU's LAN 1 and LAN 2

A customer would like to connect the CPU’s LAN 1 port to a Layer 3 network, i.e., with routing between devices, with default Gateway, and LAN 2 to a Layer 2 network between all frames without a default gateway.

However, after looking at the EHX manual and the Clear-Com finder solution, there seem to be some limitations for doing this. Can you please explain if this type of redundant LAN connection is possible?

Answer: HX does not support multiple networks and LAN1 / LAN2 CPU Card port use at the same time. This is because the matrix to matrix messaging uses the destination address of the IP packet to decide which CPU Card LAN port to route out on. If a default gateway is configured for LAN1 and LAN2 this current approach taken by LAN redundancy will not work.


see attached for more details