IP-Voice: Why doesn't the FOR-22 work reliably over VoICE2?

A customer might want to send audio and control between a matrix and FOR-22 module via VoICE2 interfaces.
Today (Q3/09) there are two problems preventing this from happening:
The Module identification used by the matrix relies on a discover able send and return loop delay. The added delay imposed by the network will stop the FOR-22 from being identified correctly and ECS will have to be switched to ignore this to prevent the end device from being muted or dropped.
Also, the data lines are not true RS-422 and because of legacy have been developed to be up/down toggle state drivers using RS-485 electrical transports. Each VoICE2 is parking the data lines independently of the requests from the matrix and so the result is that the FOR-22 relay toggles.
VoICE2 would need a re-design to make this work.
Update: Mar -2013 Using EHX you can now set the port type to have hardware override so that the matrix does not use the module identification pulse to sense the FOR-22 module. Therefore audio can be sent to the FOR-22 reliably with but the FOR-22 relay control is not handled correctly