How do I clone a port or panel for follow-me or recording?

 1)     Check that HCI is enabled on your v9.1 (or greater) Eclipse:

a.      Go to Event Log, press Play, then Request Info> Send.

b.      Ensure that the line HCI 1:0 is present: Hardware ID XXXXX: fspk ULDynam-EC 1 AgentIC users 32 (ver 0) HCI 1:0 type 3a 


2)     Open the Clone Ports tool (


a.      The IP Address should be set to the LAN1 IP of the CPU card

b.      The source port is the panel or port you want to record/clone.

c.      The duplication port is the port you want to send audio from the source to.

d.      The checkbox tells the system whether to also send audio from the source port – for instance, if you want to record all conversations in/out of a panel

– if you just want to clone / follow-me,uncheck this box. 

3)     Add the clone by pressing Add.

a.      If this is successful, the Event Log will show something like: Req by HCI for dest mon of MyPanel by MyRecorder (PO successful) 

b.      Use the Crosspoint Map to verify that audio going to the source also shows up at the duplicate port. If “Include source audio at duplicate” was checked, you should see a permanent crosspoint from source to duplication port. 

4)     Remove the clone by pressing Remove.

a.      If this is successful, the Event Log will show something like: Req by HCI for dest mon of MyPanel by MyRecorder (PO cancelled) 

b.      This may need to be pressed multiple times if multiple Adds were previously performed – verify using the Crosspoint Map  



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