Matrix: What is the pinout for the Panasonic CCU AK-HCU 500?

Pinout for Panasonic CCU AK-HCU 500 can be found on this link (pg 124, if not changed).
This pinout should work when interfacing with an Eclipse MVX 4-wire analog port:

Clear-Com MVX port (RJ45)PANASONIC CCU ENG PINOUT (DB25)Pin 3 (matrix audio in+) Pin 1 INCOM ENG OUT (H) CCU→SYSTEM Pin 6 (matrix audio in-)Pin 2 INCOM ENG OUT (C) CCU→SYSTEM    Pin 4 (matrix audio out+) Pin 4 INCOM ENG IN (H) SYSTEM→CCU Pin 5 (matrix audio out-) Pin 5 INCOM ENG IN (C) SYSTEM→CCU
below is full pin out of the CCU communication connector