Digital Partyline: Helixnet basestation not able to recognize each other on LAN

Here are the symptoms: We have three HMS-4X with ET2 modules connected to a network switch.We have some HRM-4X panels connected to the same switch.The stations can't see each other reliably by name or IP address

Solution: HelixNet station names disappearing from linking/pairing/expansion menus were caused by the IGMP snooping implementation on Netgear switches. Disabling IGMP Snooping on this switch did fix all his issues. Unfortunately, IGMP Snooping is covered by two overlapping standards, one from IEEE and one from IETF. Switch manufacturers each have their own slightly different implementation. Apparently, Netgear implementation is still having issues with Bonjour/mDNS and PTP.  Ensure that ""block unregistered multicast"" is not set on Netgear / Extreme switches. This blocks traffic that should be allowed (mDNS, PTP)Helixnet uses mDNS to send out mainstation names and ip address for pairing of units . Apparently, Netgear IGMP Snooping does not work well with Dante and AES67 (using PTP) either… (see the Additional Tips at the bottom of the following page)

Another solution is to try moving the HLI-ET2 to another slot location like slot #1 or 3 on the rear of the HMS station.

Please contact support if trouble persist