Digital Partyline: How can I interface 6x Camera CCUs to a Helixnet basestation

I have a request to interface 6 video cameras to 6 channels of a 12 channels Helixnet system.
Can we connect the cameras directly to the 4 wire interfaces of the Helixnet, or do we need to use two IF4W4 interfaces in between?
Or there is a better way? Thank you.
This a good question and there are a number of options 
The thing is to make sure the Camera CCU is set into 4wire mode, this will give you the best interconnection to the Helixnet system. Do not use the 2w mode on the CCU as this will give you bad audio  
4wire connection a) Yes you can connect each camera ccu to one 4wire port on the Helixnet base station, • 4 cameras to base station #1 (fitted with 2 x 4wire modules)• 2 cameras to base station #2 (fitted with 1 x 4wire module)• Remember that you need Ethernet module fitted to each base station in order to have 12 channels available 
2wire connection b) Yes you can connect via IF4W4 – this method is best if you need to mix all Cameras to talk/listen on one channel of Helixnet • Connect IF4W4 to camera CCU (CCU in 4wire mode) , • Connect IF4W4 to 2w module (HLI-2W) on Helixnet basestation , remember to use a PS702 to drive the PL system • You will need 2x IF4W4 for 6 cameras but these can connect to 1x 2w module of Helixnet base station. • Remember the 2w mode of the camera CCU provides very bad audio so it’s best to set the camera CCU into 4wire mode and connect using a 2/4 adaptor