Matrix: Can I connect IP V-series panels over Satellite or long latency links?

If you are planing to use V-series panels operating to IVC-32-HX over high Latency links where bandwidth is precious/expensive. (e.g. Satellite links). 

Two options may help with this issue … 
IVC-32-HX silence suppression
Currently we only support outgoing (matrix to client) silence suppression on Agent-IC clients, but not for V-series panels. Vpanels do support silence suppression (client to Matrix) when in internet mode. With silence suppression, the panels would consume very small bandwidth when silence is detected and automatically take more bandwidth when audio is detected.  This would probably save a lot of data going over the satellite link. 

It’s unlikely that we will implement other, reduced bandwidth Codecs for the IVC-32-HX card. 

LQ & LQR LQ and LQR provide another means for supporting V-Series panels over IP links (which works for non-IP panels and the Pico matrix).

The LQs support the OPUS CODEC with the capability to dramatically reduce bandwidth and also enable silence suppression.
This option requires using the LQ units rather than a direct connection from panel to matrix but has the advantage of a very modern CODEC. (Note that a patch version on LQ firmware is needed for high latency IP links and will become available late 2016 as standard)