IP Products: I tried linking two LQ-4W2 interfaces together, but one unit is flashing red control buttons and won't link

Question:  I have two LQ-4W2 interfaces that I'm trying to link together, but one unit is flashing red front panel buttons
and I see the message "ID Conflict" as shown below in the screen capture.  How do I fix this?

Answer:  A flashing red light shows that there is an ID conflict within the LQ-Group, meaning that two LQ units are trying to
connect to a Link-Group using the same link ID slot number. A LQ group can be made up of 6 untis (Link master +5 others). Each member uses a slot ID.  The link master is always in slot 1
To resolve this you will need to undo the unit’s link to the Link-Master and then re-apply the linking process to an available ID:
1) Within a Web browser, enter the IP address of the LQ device which is showing the flashing red LED. This takes you to the
Core Configuration Manager (CCM) for that unit.
2) Navigate to the device’s Linking page (Home > Linking).
3) Click the Change Role to Link-Master button and click Apply Changes.
4) Now reconfigure the link and the link ID. To do this, click the Change Role to Link-Member button, and enter the Link-Master IP.
Click the blue check mark or <Enter>.
5) Select an available ID slot (available IDs will be highlighted in blue) and click Apply Changes.
After going thru this process the Linking screens should look like this on the Link Master and Link Member.