Partyline: If I connect RTS to TW-12C, can the TW-12C handle full power (30V) on both pins 2&3.


TW-12C is a single channel bridging device between two partyline systems where each side includes nulling and level calibration options which are coupled between the two sides with an electrical isolator. Power does not pass trough the TW12C.

When used RTS mode you can choose from either pin, but one TW-12C will only translate either pin 2 or pin 3, so for both RTS channels to be converted to two Clear-Com channels, you need two TW12C boxes with a Y cord from the RTS TW line going to the two boxes and set one to act on pin2 and the other to act on pin3. 


Using the TWC-701 will translate RTS 2 chnl TW to 2 separate Clear-Com 2W partyline channels . It does not provide power isolation like the TW-12C

The TW-12C is designed to electrically isolate one Partyline system from another system.

  • Example a house PL system would use a TW-12C to isolate it away from the touring company PL system



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