2015 NAB FAQs - Clear-Com LQ

These were the most frequently asked questions regarding Clear-Com LQ products at NAB 2015:
  1. Can you connect LQ units over the internet?Yes, the LQ units can connect overLAN, WAN and the internet.
  2. Can the LQ-2W2 provide power the Partyline network?Yes, the LQ-2W2 can provide to bothClear-Com and RTS Partylines when locally DC-powered 150mA and when POE powered70mA. 
  3. What is the maximum number of LQ units that can be linked?Up to 6 LQ units can be linkedtogether.
  4. Can the LQ unit work in DHCP mode?Yes, the LQ unit can have both astatic IP address or a dynamically assigned IP address.
  5. What is the audio bandwidth?The audio bandwidth of the LQ unitsis 100 to 12 KHz...though much higher metrics can be attained in more modern versions of the FW 
  6. What is the maximum latency of the LQ unit?100mS (Note: minimum latency20-25mS).
  7. How much network bandwidth does it require?65-210 kbps.