Matrix: How do I calculate how many PM PRO (Dynam-EC) licences are needed

Customer has 2 Omega frames permanently installed, and 2 E32 frames inOB Vans..PM PRO (Dynam-EC) is to be used on 2x PCs... how many PM PRO (Dynam-EC) licences are required?

Answer: -

Dynam-EC is the new marketing name for PM PRO

The number of PM PRO licences needed is calculated by using :  

Number of matrices X number of PCs = total PM PRO licences

From your example …(Matrices = 4) x (Pcs= 2) = total 8 x PM PRO licences

Note the licence is fixed to the matrix .. so if you purchased another matrix then you need to buy an additional licence (Matrices = 5) x (Pcs= 2) = total 10x PM PRO licences (this covers 2x omega , 1x NEW MATRIX, 2x E32 ) 

Please compare the individual PM Pro licences price vs. the PM PRO site licence price 

The site license provides a fixed price for 10 Production Maestro Pro licenses per matrix = (any number of matrices on a single site / campus ) x (PCs =10)


Please visit our website for more information on Dynam-EC :

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