Matrix: Can I install ECS 2.2.6 onto a Windows 7 PC?

Question:  We have an Eclipse E32 frame that has been running 2.2.6 since it's installation 7 years ago, we had to replace the PC with the ECS software and when we tried to install the ECS 2.2.6 software onto a windows 7 PC the software installer indicated that the software could not install.  How do we re-install this software? 
Answer:  ECS 2.2.6 was originally released in 2006 -2007, at that time the Windows operating platform available was Windows XP which supported 32 bit applications.  Windows 7 supports 64 bit programs, ECS 2.2.6 is a 32 bit program so it cannot be installed properly on a Windows 7 platform.  Windows 7 does offer the ability to install a virtual XP platform called Virtual Windows XP, this supports older Microsoft 32 bit software programs including older version of ECS software prior to version 5.2.2. 
Go to the Microsoft downloads page and install this virtual XP platform, 

once it is installed / setup and open install ECS 2.2.6 software onto this platform, it should install seamlessly.  If you do get an installation error during the Microsoft net framework installation this software program is available to install as a standalone installation on the CD under Eclipse Configuration System / Setup Help / Microsoft.Net 1.1 exe
If you receive a Flash Player installation error message Adobe Flash can be installed directly as well from the Adobe Flash website. 
Once the installation errors are resolved reinstall the ECS 2.2.6 software. 
After the download / installation is complete the other item you will need to configure is the Windows Virtual XP ethernet settings, this is done by:
1.  Open the "Tools"  menu drop down list in XP
2.  Click on "Settings"
3.  Highlight the "Networking" network adapter and change the setting from Shared to the specific ethernet port name that is configured on your Windows 7 platform. 
Note:  you will need to configure the virtual XP ethernet port with a static address that is on the same subnet as your Eclipse frame. 


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