Matrix: Can I locally change the key attribute on a V-panel or on a remote V-panel?

Question:  I don't have access to ECS 5.2 software part of day on a shared computer at work, but sometimes I have requests to change the attribute on a key on a V-panel from talk to listen only or to talk/listen or dual talk listen when I can't access the PC.  Can this be done locally at the V-panel that needs the key change or remotely to another V-panel?
Answer:  Yes, this can be done provided the requested key changes to V-panels are allowed access via the SYS CONFIG menu on the V-panel.  The following steps will allow access to change the panel selected key attribute:
1.  Press Menu button on V-Panel keypad
2.  Press SYS CONFIG
3.  Press REMOTE PNL
4.  Select and press PANEL SYS# (if more than one configuration on linked systems is access able)
5.  Scroll to selected panel name and Press OK
7.  Select and press key attribute type
8.  Available keys will start flashing on the the panel selected.  Press desired key and the remote panel key will change to new attribute type
9.  Press the menu button on the V-Panel to exit back to the panel's normal use mode.

Note: The same application can also be achieved by selecting the Programming V-Panel to be a supervisor panel.


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