Matrix: Can I change configurations on a M+3 frame using an ICS-2002 / ICS-2003 panel?

Question:  I work at two stations that are using Matrix Plus 3 SYS-200 frames, we are using two different configs depending on what time of the day it is. The problem is that the station hasn’t figured out an elegant way to change configurations without opening up the door of the frame and pushing the button on the config-1 card.
I know that the software can change configs, but we don’t want the operators getting into it on a daily basis to perform this function. Is there a way to change configs using the ICS-2002 panels? It says there is in the manual, but I have been told that this is not correct. If not, have you seen anything at any of the locations you have visited that you could recommend?
Answer:  There are no hooks in the ICS-2002 / ICS-2003 panel advanced menus that would allow the user to change the active configuration on the M+3 frame.  The system configuration menus will allow the user to make changes to party-lines, fixed groups, station keys, forced listens and input level assignments on the active configuration.  The user can also make local changes to their own panel. 
The configuration can only be changed manually at the frame itself at the config-1 card or by using the Transfers screen in PGM-WIN software to push a configuration or recall a configuration from slots 1 – 4. 


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