Matrix: Can I assign multiple sources to an IFB talent or Telephone IFB destintation?

Question:  At our studio we want to assign the wired PL feed and the wireless PL feeds to our remote telephone IFB talent using a V-Series panel in IFB assignment panel mode in the audio booth.  When we attempt to do this we can only assign one audio feed to the remote talent at a time.  Can both feeds be assigned from the panel at one time?
Answer:  Yes this parameter can be activated from EHX / ECS software.  This can be done by going to the Configuration Menu / Preferences Menu and selecting the ISO and IFB tab, then set a check mark on the “Assign multiple sources to IFB from AP panel” option.  
Once this is done do an "apply changes" to frame download.  This would allow you to assign multiple sources to the destination IFB talent dynamically from a V-Series panel in IFB Assignment panel mode. 


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