Matrix: Can I manually adjust GN, HS mic and sidetone levels at an ECS 5.2 I-station?

Question:  I don’t seem to be able to lower the gooseneck mic on the Con 2 Audio I-Station. Our audio operator is still the loudest person on the intercom. They are the closest to the mic as you will remember. I have confirmed my cabling and made adjustments while on-line. I have tried off-line with “apply settings”. I may be doing something wrong or are there any known issues that would account for this?  Can I adjust the levels manually at the I-Station?

Answer:  Changes to the GN, HS mic and sidetone level are only initiated in ECS 5.2 (and earlier versions) when a BLACK RESET is pushed to the frame from ECS.  The GN, HS mic and sidetone levels programmed into ECS Cards and Ports / Advanced settings for the I-Station highlighted port will go into effect. A RED reset will not have an effect on these setting if they are changed in ECS and a RED reset is pushed to the frame. 
Manual level adjustment of these levels require the following button presses on the I-1430 keypad version i-station:
1.)  Press button 7 on the keypad.  This will enable the menus for adjusting GN MIC, HS MIC, HS sidetone, Listen level adjust and Listen level reset.
2.)  Scroll to the desired level adjustment using the lower VOL/PROG knob and press the knob in to verify the selection.
3.)  Scroll the new level setting with the VOL/PROG knob and press the knob in to verify the new selection.  This will also exit the user out of the button 7 program mode. 
Note:  The GN, HS mic and sidetone levels set manually will stay in effect until the user performs a BLACK reset on the frame, at which time the default levels set in ECS will take effect again. 


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