Matrix: How do I wire up the V-Panel logic inputs to a panel switch or foot switch?

Question:  How do I wire up the logic inputs on the V-Series panel via the rear panel DB-25 connector to be activated via a remote panel switch or foot switch?  How many logic inputs can I access on a V-Series panel?

Answer:  The chart below will show the logic input 1 and 2 wiring to a panel switch or foot switch to rear panel DB-25F GPIO connector on the V-Panel. 

  • Logic Inputs 1 and 2 are programmable via ECS / EHX software control,

  • Logic input 3 is hardwired to trigger the "REPLY" key on the V-Panel

  • Logic input 4 will activate "EXIT SUPERVISOR MODE"
    Note:  This solution is also attached as a PDF document below.

note : you can also wire the external switch to ground by wiring

Pin 21 (5V) to Pin 22 (opto input A1)

The external switch to Pin 9 (0V) & Pin 10 (opto input B1)


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