2015 NAB FAQs - Clear-Com ProGrid

These were the most frequently asked questions regarding Clear-Com ProGrid products at NAB 2015:

  1. Does ProGrid do format conversion? No. 
  2. What are the maximum number of inputs?
  3. Do you support Clear-Com MADI to third party consoles?
    Yes, an interface card required. 
  4. How is the channel count determined?
    By the sampling rate.  If the sample rate is increased there  is less room for channels. 
  5. Can you multiplex 4K video using BroaMan?
    Yes, may require multiple BroaMan units toaccommodate standard of 2 or 4 fiber connections. 
  6. Can you multiplex Video on Audio with BroaMan? Yes. 
  7. Does BroaMan use an optical switch? Yes. 
  8. How many different optical frequencies are supported by BroaMan? 80.