Matrix: Are the V-Panel rocker switch / pushbutton LCD display sections field replaceable?

Question:  I have a 2RU V-Series pushbutton panel that has a bad display section. Can the 6 pushbutton LCD display be removed and replaced in the field?  The LCD color is blue.  Assume these are still available? 
Answer:  Yes the 6 pushbutton or lever key LCD display section can be field replaced, the part numbers are listed below: 
710777Z - Replacement Pushbutton display module

710776Z - Replacement Lever Key display module
Note:  The V-Series panels displays changed from BLUE LCDs to YELLOW LCDs in January 2011.  Yellow is now the standard color for all new panels shipped out, Blue LCDs can still be ordered on new units at a premium price and Blue LCD displays are still available for repairs on defective units.
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JPEG File 710777Z pb lcd display v-series.jpg 710777Z pb lcd display v-series.jpg

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