Matrix: Connecting the Eclipse AES-6 interface connected to 3rd party AES networks

You can connect a Vseries panel over a 3rd party AES network. Like Lawo, SSL, Studer, Euphonix etc..Using this application allows the intercom panel to piggy-back over the AES-3 digital networkExample in a OB van fitted with an Eclipse matrix, you can have remote external panels connected via the Sound desk stage box which is located inside the stadium that the OB Van has parked next to.
At the Eclipse matrix end you need a AES-6 card set into 3rd party mode.(dip switch on the front of the card)At the Remote end you need a Vseries panel fitted with the AES-3 daughter card. The connection back over the AES-3 network can be with RJ45 (digital) or coax cable.
If using the AES-6-CX (coax) option then port 1 of the card needs to be connected to the AES-3 netowrk or a 75 ohm termination needs to be placed on port 1. As the whole card syncs of port 1. If there is no connection or termination then the other port 2-6 will not connect. (note this only applies to the AES-6-CX card) the requirement for a connection or termination is not required when using the AES-6-RJ card) 
For more details on the AES-6 card visit the Clear-Com web site 
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