Agent IC: What is the cost to download the Agent IC app from the I-Tunes store?

Users of iPhones, iPads or devices running iOS 8.0 or later, can easily install the Agent-IC app from Apples’ App or iTunes stores.  There is no cost to download the app, this allows the user to run the app in "Demo" mode which gives the user an opportunity to try the app and see if it fits their needs.  The users will see a demo mode indication while operating in this mode.  
Agent IC uses a floating license scheme, that is the user can have more Agent IC users in EHX than paid license seats.  This allows users to share login credentials on their Apple enabled devices.  Licenses are created and installed in the EHX software using the frame's ID dongle address to create the unique license for that frame.  Contact Clear-Com sales department to order a license for an EHX 8.5 software / firmware enabled frame that have an IVC-32 card installed. 
Applies to Agent-ICconnecting to Eclipse -HX 9.1 or earlier versions