Matrix : Does the Eclipse HX matrix support SNMP

As of Aug 2013 : the Eclipse matrix does not currently provide native SNMP - support.

Clear-Com is continuously developing new functions and features.  Please check other solutions dated after Aug 2013 for more recent developments 

The Eclipse system does not currently support a native SNMP client. However status/ event log messages are sent from the matrix to the EHX configuration PC. These messages contain the health of the matrix and also any fault conditions.The status and log messages are sent in “clear text” and are appended with fault codes. This allows  3rd party applications to” look into”  these status messages. Also using our HCI (API) protocol, specific matrix event data and status info can be polled by a 3rdparty application.  The customer may look to setup a SNMP system that will monitor the clear text messages sent by the Clear-Com matrix and also poll the Clear-Com matrix at scheduled intervals. These status messages can then be used by the SNMP system (or any 3rdparty application)  to monitor / log the health of the matrix or trigger any action required by the customer on receipt of a certain message 
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a monitoring for devices connected over a IP network SNMP devices can send health and status information to a central SNMP server that displays this info to the network administrator.


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