Patyline: KB 702 Both Audio Channels Heard

Option Switches: Three option switches are provided. They should be configured when the system is set up, but are not changed in normal operation. Note the on position of each switch is toward the circuit board and the off position is toward the front panel. The default position of the switches is in the off position. The function of each switch is as follows:
1. SINGLE CHANNEL (Factory Default): In some installations, the KB-702 is intended to be used only with one intercom channel. Setting the single channel switch to the on position will connect the KB-702 to the one intercom channel regardless of the position of the front panel channel selector. In two-channel installations, this switch must be set to the off position.** note: if using the KB-702 unit with a V-Box then the cabling of the V-box needs to changed to allow 2 chnl operation
2. LONG LINE: If a long cable run is unavoidable and approaches 700 ft. (213.5 m) or more, set the long line option switch to the on position. The ability to set a sidetone null depends upon properly setting this switch.
3. LATCH DISABLE: Setting the latch disable switch to the on position will disable the latching function of the talk button. In this mode, the talk button must be continuously pressed while the operator is talking.


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