Matrix: Can I access remote Global IFB sources / destinations in a intelligently linked Eclipse System?

Question:  I'm setting up two Eclipse Median frames to support two television studios.  One of the options I would like to setup if possible is the ability to access remote Global IFB sources / destinations from each frame using i-stations setup in IFB assignment panel mode.  Can this be done?

Answer:  IFB mode allows the assignment panel to assign a program audio source or sources to an IFB Global destination. For example the panel operator can assign “on-the-air” audio to the “talent” or announcer in a television studio application. It is called “IFB mode” because the program audio source that is routed to the IFB destination can be “interrupted” by an incoming intercom call to the IFB destination.
NOTE -- Assignment panels can only add local source ports to local IFB destination ports (local meaning ports on the same matrix).  Assigning remote IFB sources or destinations via an assignment panel is not allowed. 

If the use of a PC is possible then you can assign Global IFB sources to any remote PGM feed-  ECS Online mode to quickly assign IFB sources  to IFB destinations from the forced listen screenor via the online Production Maestro application (ECS Plugin) you can assign IFB sources to destinations using a fully graphical interface.


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