Matrix: Can I connect two ICS-22 panels together without an Eclipse frame?

Question:  We have two ICS-22 speaker stations. Can we interface two units with each other without using an Eclipse matrix frame?

Answer:  The ICS-22 panels can only be used by connection to a Eclipse matrix frame, please see the information below:
ECS System Configuration for ICS-22 Panels
Solution update May2017 : You can connect ICS-22 panel to EHX v9.0 or later systems
The Eclipse Configuration System (ECS) software does not directly support the ICS-22 speaker panel.
In order to configure an ICS-22 panel in ECS the port is configured to drive an ICS-1008 panel with 14 keys (7 pairs of buttons).
The two ICS-22 selectors are mapped onto the ICS-1008 keys starting from the left.
Only the leftmost two pairs of keys on the ICS-1008 can be used to program the ICS-22; any other keys on the ICS-1008 will have no effect.
There must be a corresponding listen key on the top row to the talk key on the bottom row of the ICS-1008 configuration for the ICS-22 panel to work correctly. If onlya talk key is configured on the ICS-1008 in ECS the Talk key on the ICS-22 will not latch.
It should be noted that the panel signalling and control protocol used by the Eclipse matrix differs from the Matrix Plus 3. As a result the operation of these panels with an Eclipse matrix may be slightly different to their operation with a Matrix Plus 3.
The ICS-22 It does require one port on an Eclipse frame (one port for two buttons/labels…the equivalent of two channels in the PL version) and it also requires local power… a wall wart w/ 24vDC. It fits in the same 4-gang electrical wall mount box, or our V-box, just like the KB-702 does.


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